About Me

My name is April and I created April Accents to express my hobbies, hand crafting jewelry, crocheting, photography and blogging. I am a hair stylist by trade and passion, however that has taken a back seat while I have started a family. I have a beautiful baby boy who is almost a toddler. You can visit my personal blog Desires of the Heart, where I write about what it means for me to be a christian, wife and mother.

My original interest began a few years back with knitting. I bought myself two needles and the infamous "Knitting For Dummies", but apparently it just wasn't for me. Then my mother in law introduced me to crocheting. She taught me a few simple stitches and with that I started to explore a whole world of possibilites.

I have given away many of my creations and have recently been encouraged to open a little boutique. I love the idea of sharing my hobbies with all of you and I do hope you enjoy these products as much as I love to create them. I put a great deal of time, thought and care into my trades.