Placing An Order

Made To Order:
Each item sold at AprilAccents is produced on a made to order basis. This allows my customers to have free reign over their purchases.
1) You can choose from the yarn colors on the Color Selection page on the right sidebar, or choose from the fabrics on each item's page. I apologize for the limited fabric selection currently displayed. Please know that new fabrics are being added frequently!
2) You are able to give me specifics about what you want your product to look like. I will personally search the craft stores to match your desires. (Example: Green Boy Theme Monkeys; Red Girl Theme Lady Bugs)

Contact me:
When you are interested in making a purchase, I invite you to email me with your order request. I will respond as soon as I can. I will also leave a message here if I will be temporarily unavailable.

Accepted Payment:

Presently, I will only be fulfilling orders using PayPal. This is the safest way to transfer payment for goods over the Internet. You must have an active PayPal account to make a purchase. My husband Paul Truttschel and I are set up with the same PayPal account, with his name and email as primary contact. However, my email address is attached to the account and will be the location in which purchase payments are sent. All of the April Accents purchase notifications are sent to my email address.

Please be aware that state sales tax will apply to orders seperately and a quoted shipping rate will be configured after said tax is applied.

Confirmation of Order:
Before the product(s) is created, I will email you an itemized invoice that explains and confirms payment details. After the product(s) is created, I will email you a photo of the product(s) so you can confirm the sale upon which your order will be shipped out.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

Thank you,