Ella Collage

Add even more girly flair to your hat by choosing the Ella style. The airy design was created to visibly show the hair underneath. Try a contrasting color to your little girl's hair color to really make it pop. A slight brim completes this style with a detailed look. The permanently attached double layered flower compliments the hat if the size is 6-12mos and smaller. The tri-layered flower is attached for sizes 12m-3T and larger.


0-3 mos: $20
3-6 mos: $20
6-12 mos: $22
12m-3T: $24
4T-6yrs: $26

Ella A La Carte

Like every other hat style offered at April Accents, the Ella can be purchased separately from the flowers. This is an excellent choice for those little girls who like to "change things up". Order the Basic Ella style along with an assortment of flower pins that can be attached by you. I do recommend that for the larger sizes, you choose a tri-layered flower.


Basic Ella
0-3 mos: $15
3-6 mos: $15
6-12 mos: $17
12M-3T: $17
4T-6yrs: $19

Individual Flowers with pin
Small double layered(0-3mos thru 6-12mos sizes): $5
Large tri layered(12m-3T+ sizes): $7

Please visit Color Selections for a variety of color combinations